Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our clan Symbol

That cat on the side is not our symbol, it's more like our.... Signature? I guess? Ok well it's our signature not symbol! This is our Symbol 

Special thx to GoogleImages!

Join the clan!

Join the clan!

Welcome to my clan (blog); MidnightClan! Here you can learn about other clans my clan you can even join my clan! Note: You must have read like a chapter or two of Warriors (also now as warrior cats) By: Erin hunter   
           <------ They look like this.  You can join on the top tabs as an apprentice, warrior, queen, med cat, (only one) or kit.

Welcome to the midnight clan!

Sign ups are going to be possible with this form:

Clan name:
Clan type: (med, warrior, apprentice, kit or queen)
Best day/meeting time for you:

Please enjoy the midnightclan created by: Partyanimalzz, pupp1266, and mariomar10. We will meet in partyanimalzz den for meetings.